The Path of Prizes is a themed event, during which you can play a mini-game to win coins, Building Coupons, Megabucks, and amazing buildings. The game is very simple to play: roll dice, move your figurine along the path with prizes, and gather gifts from the cells you land on. You can throw the dice for free, and then wait a couple of hours to do it again. Or, you can choose to pay with Megabucks to roll the dice again without having to wait.

The Path of Prizes is shaped like a ring, which means that you can circle around it as many times as you wish, up to the moment the event is over. Each time you throw the dice, your figurine moves forward by a number of spaces equal to the number on the dice. Each time the figurine lands on a cell, you win the prize that is located on this cell. Prizes from cells can be obtained an unlimited amount of times. So, if you have set your eye on a particular prize, keep throwing the dice, and keep winning!
Here is an example of a Path of Prizes:

Travel the path, and decorate your Megapolis with astonishing structures!