Feeling overcome by an insurmountable thirst for adventure? Set off to look for treasures in a yet undiscovered land! Travel to a land that has long been forgotten to discover an ancient civilization, make new friends, help them restore their city, and find incredible riches.

The spacious yacht will take you to an area where you’ll begin your search. This area will be available only for a limited time, so you will need to complete all the tasks before time runs out. Keep an eye on the timer! After all, once time has run out, you will never be able to return to this location again.

Once you arrive, you will see that the mysterious ancient structures have deteriorated over time and require a great deal of your attention.

Clear plants, dirt, sand and water from the structures, and receive ancient coins and forgotten construction plans as a reward. You will need special materials to restore these buildings to their past grandeur. Explore the Mysterious Cave to find the materials you need for the cleanup. You will need tools to search through the cave. Build workshops to make them. You can also get the missing tools by purchasing them for Megabucks.

The structures can be cleared in any order you like. The more objects you clear, the more lost construction plans you will find. This means that the final building that you will get as a reward for your efforts will be even more beautiful and grand! Additionally, cleared objects will bring you useful bonuses that will surely come in handy.

You can exchange ancient coins for valuable items in the Store. Purchase missing tools and the work will go much faster.

Collect artifacts to set yourself apart from other players who chose to join in on the event a few days late. Make sure to join the event as soon as it starts! The goal is, after all, to gather as many artifacts as possible before time runs out, and get rewards!

Set out to look for treasures in Megapolis! The secrets of ancient civilizations and exciting adventures await you!