You can adjust the payment information connected to your Apple ID in the Settings menu for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod device.

If you are using a device with iOS 10.3 or a later version, follow the instructions below to adjust your payment information:

1. Go to Settings → [your name] → Payment & Shipping. You might have to enter your password to sign in to your Apple ID.
2. Select your current payment method.
3. Enter the information for the new payment method.
4. Press Save.

If you are using a device with iOS 10.2 or an earlier version, follow the instructions below to adjust your payment information:

1. Navigate to Settings -> iTunes & App Store.
2. Tap on your Apple ID and select View Apple ID. You might need to authenticate your Apple ID.
3. Select Purchase History.
4. Change or remove all relevant information. Select None to remove the payment method.Learn what to do if you don't see None or can't select it.
5. Press Done.

If you add a new credit card as your payment method, the iTunes Store will place a temporary authorization hold on a small amount of funds on your credit card to verify your updated account information.

Payment methods that can be used with Family Sharing:
If you're using Family Sharing, your family organizer can enter one of the following payment methods:
- Credit cards
- Debit cards
- Alipay
- China UnionPay
- Mobile device payment information (only in networks where this function is supported)

The full list of payment methods is available on the Account Information page in iTunes. To open iTunes and automatically access the Account Information page on your computer, press the View My Account link or try one of the following solutions:
1. Open iTunes.
2. If you're not yet signed in, sign in with your Apple ID.
3. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, or at the top of the iTunes window, choose Account -> View My Account.
4. Enter your password and press Enter on your keyboard, or click View Account.
On the Account Information page:
5. To the right of Payment Type, click Edit.
6. You will see the entire list of available payment types on the Edit Payment Information page that appears.

If you do not have an Apple ID, these same payment types will become available when you are registering your account. The message requesting you to add a payment method will appear the first time you sign in to iTunes & App Store using your Apple ID. Once you sign in to the store, you will have the option to remove the payment method.