Drop by the market to meet a generous Merchant 👨‍🌾 — he'll show you around the narrow streets and help you find the best deals! The Merchant works exactly like a drugstore ⚕️ - you pay for his services, and he looks for any items you need (except horseshoes, expansion, and upgrade materials). After completing the order he will have 1-hour rest - it's not the easiest thing to manage the boat! You can hire him for 1, 5, or 10 days. You can also activate the Fast Merchant prediction at Oracle's House to halve the Merchant's rest time.
The City Market is where you can buy the goods, materials, and tools you need. The goods on sale at the market are refreshed every 6 hours. You can also activate the Bustling Trade prediction to speed up the refresh time twice.
Don't miss out on great deals! ⛵