How does the market work?
The market allows you to sell goods collected on the farm and buy necessary goods. The market building becomes available at level 12. Additional boxes for selling goods at the market can be purchased for Westbucks.
Buying an item at the market or in a newspaper will have a slightly higher price than the seller indicated. A railroad fee is included in the price - this money will go toward the development of the railroad. The seller receives the amount of coins that they indicated when they listed the item.

How does the merchant work?
The merchant works exactly like a drugstore - you pay for his services, and he looks for any items you need (except horseshoes, expansion and improvement items). After completing the order he will have 1 hour rest - it's not the easiest thing to manage the boat! You can hire a trader for 1, 5 or 10 days. The merchant appears at level 14.