You need stamps to play in the House of Luck. You can win Westbucks, coins, construction materials, horseshoes, and other useful things there.
Stocking up on stamps is simple:
  1. Help your friends and other players load their train boxes and steamship barrels.
  2. Help your neighbors to complete item requests in the neighborhood chat.
  3. Help Mary on her farm to load train boxes and steamship barrels.
📌 You will receive a stamp only after your friend accepts your help. The stamps get delivered to the mailbox, and you'll know they've arrived when you see an enveloped-shaped icon above the mailbox.
📌 The House of Luck can hold a maximum of 50 stamps, and the mailbox can hold a maximum of 100 stamps. Remember to take your stamps out of the mailbox and spend them in the House of Luck!