In the House of Luck, you can test your luck by exchanging stamps for a chest. In the chest you can find Westbucks, coins, horseshoes, materials for expanding the territory and barn, materials for developing the town, various tools and other useful items!

How do I get stamps?
Getting stamps is very simple: assist your friends with requests for goods in the neighborhood chat, watering their bushes and trees, and loading their train crates or steamship barrels. When the player accepts the help, they'll send you a stamped letter, which will arrive in the mailbox next to the market. Don't forget to check it and pick up stamps!
You can also get stamps for participating in various game events, or as daily gifts. To do this, look for balloons on the field. The House of Luck can hold a maximum of 50 stamps, and the mailbox can hold a maximum of 100 stamps. Remember to take your stamps out of the mailbox and spend them in the House of Luck!

How do I send stamps to a friend?
You can send stamps to a friend by requesting help on your farm: other players can help you by watering your bushes or trees, or by helping to load crates on your train or barrels on your steamship. To send the stamps, you need to accept the help by tapping the watered tree or bush, or sending a train or steamship they helped you load.
If you post a chat request for goods and other members of the neighborhood help you, they can also get stamps as a reward. Don't forget to send daily gifts to your friends - your friend may find stamps in some of them as well!