The Oracle's House allows you to create and activate predictions to help develop your farm. Predictions are temporary improvements that increase the productivity of factories, the yield of seedbeds, and more.
To see the beneficial effect of a prediction, tap and hold its icon. Predictions that can be created in Oracle's House will be marked with a green checkmark. You will need horseshoes to create predictions.
Why can't I activate a prediction?
Several conditions will prevent you from activating a prediction:
  • You cannot activate two identical predictions;
  • You cannot activate more than three different predictions at the same time;
  • If you want to activate a prediction that is currently inactive, you have to delete one of the activated predictions by touching its icon.
What kind of predictions are there?
A list of predictions that you can create in Oracle's House:
  • Increased harvest: Doubles the harvest from fields
  • Tasty feed: Animals produce twice as much products
  • Efficient production: Production time in production buildings is reduced by 30%
  • Close interaction: New neighborhood requests can be created 30% faster
  • Bustling trade: Merchant offers are updated twice as fast
  • Efficient smelter: Ingots are smelted twice as fast
  • Valuable ingots: Ingots are twice as effective when sending a caravan
  • Wealthy customer: Orders from the order board bring twice as many coins

Some predictions cannot be created in Oracle's House. You can buy them in the Race Store with season points or win in special events.
  • Additional space: Barn's capacity is increased by 20%
  • Wholesale order: new orders appear on the order board 80% faster after they have been deleted
  • Profitable train: doubles the number of coins received when filling boxes
  • Fast merchant: halves the rest time between purchases from the merchant
  • Large request: requests for goods via neighborhood chat bring more goods
  • Fertile fields: crops in fields grow 40% faster
  • Improved navigation: ships arrive at the port twice as fast
  • Horse-drawn: caravans move 2 times faster