Too many goods to harvest and not enough space? Not a problem! Here is how to get more of the tools needed for the upgrade:
  • Simply work on the farm: harvest crops from the plots, gather produce from animals, make items in manufacturing buildings.
  • Open treasure chests - they may have tools in them too.
  • Play the no-lose lottery (available at level 4).
  • Trade in stamps (available at level 17) and collections of pets (available at level 7).
  • Take part in the Wild West events: you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you get at the end of your adventure.
  • Join in a neighborhood (available at level 11) and take part in the stage-coach race: not only is it fun, it is a great way to win some valuable prizes.
  • Keep an eye on the ads section in the newspaper, Mary’s marketplace, and shops on other players’ farms to see if they're selling any of the items you need.
  • Purchase them for Westbucks. It is the fastest way to get them.