Welcome to the Stagecoach Races! Complete various tasks to earn race points and get rewards for participating in the race. The Stagecoach Race lasts six days and takes place every week from Tuesday through Sunday. Each race season is 4 weeks long, and has a special set of challenges and rewards. Rewards are given to players who complete at least one task. There is a break between seasons, which lasts for a week. During this time, the race is not held. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the next race!

How do I enter a stagecoach race?
To participate in the race, you must be a member of a neighborhood. Be sure to indicate that you want to race! To do so:
  1. Go to the Neighborhood House;
  2. Find your name in the list of participants and check the box under Racing.
Why am I not racing?
There may be several reasons for this:
  • You may have unchecked the race participation box in the neighborhood window. If you changed your mind, just put it back.
  • You joined the neighborhood after the race started. Wait until the race is over and enter the next one.
  • The leader or co-leader can remove your neighborhood checkmark. Please note that you must enter at least one hour before the race, otherwise you will have to wait until the next race.
What are season points for?
In the Stagecoach Races you'll earn stagecoach points, which are a special currency. You can spend them in the racing store. Season points cannot be bought and can only be earned in the races.

What is the Racing Store?
The Store is accessible via the "Store" tab in the Racing Window. There, you can spend your season points on cool items: materials to expand the territory and storage, various tools, horseshoes, decor and more. Goods are updated every season.

What's the task journal for?
Check out the stagecoach task journal to get better at completing tasks! To view the journal, open the Stagecoach Race menu (Tasks tab) and scroll down the list of tasks. The journal indicates:
  • the number of tasks taken, booked, completed, and cancelled;
  • the number of points received for each task.
To view the progress of your teammates, tap on the "Statistics" button. If the journal does not have this button, ask the leader to change your neighborhood settings.