Playing with friends is always more fun! Plus, friends can send you balloons with gifts!
You can add in-game friends in several ways:
  • The "Find friends" tab is in the friends menu. Every 5 hours, the game will suggest suitable friends.
  • The "Invite friends" button is in the friends menu. Send your ID (the invitation code) to your friends and they can join you in the game. If you know the ID of the player you would like to add as a friend, just enter it in the special field and click the green "Enter" button.
  • If your Facebook friends also play Wild West, they will automatically be added to your friends list in the game. You just need to connect to Facebook in the game settings.
  • When you visit another player's farm, you can send them a friend request.
How many friends can I add?
Using the Find friends tab, or the Invite friends button, you can add up to 50 friends to the game.
Facebook friends who play Wild West are also automatically added to the game. Their number is unlimited. However, visually, only 150 friends are displayed in the game. Even if you don't see a friend on your friend list, they will still be able to help you or give you gifts.