The Burger event is available to players who have reached level 9. To participate you will need special spatulas, which can be made in the merchant's van. There is a fee of 5 spatulas per game.

Serve visitors by taking orders to prepare various dishes. An order icon will be placed next to each guest. Study it carefully to replicate everything exactly, using the ingredients on the table. The main thing is to add ingredients in the right order and replenish them in time. Don't forget to grill the sausages, cutlets, and bacon before putting them on the bun. And for onion rings, just fry the onions in the deep fryer. If a customer is about to leave without waiting for their order, treat them to a sweet.

The faster you complete the order, the more points you earn. For accumulated points, you can get great rewards for personal goals.  Serve as many guests as possible in the time allotted for the event and get even more cool prizes in the tournament.