Participating in special events and neighborhood races gives you the chance to win handy coupons:

Town upgrading coupon
You can use the town upgrading coupon to upgrade towns in Caravaner’s Wigwam. Select the town you want to upgrade, tap on the icon with the number (town’s level) and select which parameter to upgrade.  Please note that you can upgrade the time parameter only when the town reaches level 2.

Additional space coupon
Additional space coupon increases the Barn's capacity by 20% for 48 hours. You can activate this coupon in Oracle's House.

Merchant hiring coupon
To activate this coupon tap on the merchant and select the coupon to hire him.

Steamship upgrading coupon
You can use a steamship upgrading coupon to upgrade steamships in the Sea Port. Tap on the icon with a number above the steamship and select which parameter you want to upgrade: decrease arrival time or increase experience.

Box or barrel filling coupon
You can use this coupon to fill one box on a train or one barrel on a steamship for free. Tap on a train or on a steamship to use this coupon.

Territory expansion coupon
You can use this coupon to expand your territory for free. Tap on the piece of land that you wish to unlock and use the coupon.