The Golden Pass is a special event that will be available to you once you reach level 9. Tap on the icon with the ticket in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the event. Complete tasks to earn exciting rewards and perks! 

There are two types of tasks:
  • Daily tasks are updated every day.
  • Current tasks are available at any time, and new ones appear every week.
The amount of points earned for completing the task is displayed on the task icon.

There are two types of rewards:
  • Golden Pass rewards. If you purchase the Golden Pass, you will have access to the exclusive top-row rewards.
  • Free rewards. Everyone has access to Free rewards, which are on the bottom row.
You can buy the Golden Pass at any time during the event. Once you buy it, you can collect any reward from the top row as long as you've advanced far enough along the rewards bar to claim it.

Perks are a special type of reward. You can only get them if you activate the Golden Pass. Perks are only valid up to the end of the event. Make sure to collect them as soon as possible to enjoy them longer!