There are several things that you can do to get some Westbucks:
  1. Come back to your farm everyday! There are chances to get Westbucks as a daily reward.
  2. Open treasure chests to receive useful items.
  3. Sometimes, you will receive Westbucks as a reward for gaining a level.
  4. Westbucks might be awarded for taking part in events and promotional actions.
  5. Play the no-lose lottery: it will give you a real chance to win some Westbucks (available at level 4).
  6. Westbucks can be received as an award for earning a new achievement. Don’t forget to visit your house, and collect your rewards!
  7. You can get Westbucks for trading in collections of pets. Make sure to feed them on time!
  8. You can always buy Westbucks at the in-game store.
  9. You can also get Westbucks by watching ads.