You can activate a variety of predictions in the Oracle's House (Fortune Teller's Wagon) using horseshoes, giving your farm temporary improvement. To see the beneficial effect of a prediction, just tap and hold its icon.

A list of predictions that you can create in the Oracle's House:
  • Increased harvest: doubles the harvest from fields
  • Wealthy customer: orders from the order board bring twice as many coins
  • Tasty feed: animals produce twice as many products
  • Efficient production: production time in production buildings is reduced by 30%
  • Close interaction: new neighborhood requests can be created 30% faster
  • Bustling trade: merchant offers are updated twice as fast
  • Valuable horseshoes: horseshoes are 2 times more effective when sending a caravan
There are also predictions that cannot be created in the Oracle's House. You can buy them in the Race Store with season points or win in special events.
  • Additional space: the Barn's capacity is increased by 20%
  • Wholesale order: new orders appear on the order board 80% faster after they have been deleted
  • Profitable train: doubles the amount of coins received when filling boxes
  • Fast merchant: halves the rest time between purchases from the merchant
  • Large request: requests for goods via neighborhood chat bring more goods
  • Fertile fields: crops in fields grow 40% faster
  • Improved navigation: ships arrive at the port twice as fast
  • Horse-drawn: caravans move 2 times faster