Don’t have enough space to develop your farm and you’d like to make your farm bigger? Makes sense! No one has ever complained about having too much land! Beyond the river, you will find sections of land that can be added to your farm.

All you have to do is purchase them. But first, you will need to get to level 21, and gather all the materials needed to build a bridge. Once the bridge is in place, you will be able to go to the Riverlands, and select a section of land that shares a border with your farm. Before the land becomes yours, you will need to finalize the transaction by gathering all the required items.

Once you have everything you need, and the section of land has been purchased, the fence around it will disappear and you will be able to build anything you like on it. The materials needed to complete the transaction for the purchase of a new segment of land can be found by working on the farm, opening treasure chests, winning stage-coach races, bought through the ads in the newspaper or in the markets of other players, or won at the Lottery (available at level 4). They can also be purchased for Westbucks.