A relay task can appear on any neighborhood's board during a stagecoach race. Neighborhood members take turns completing relay tasks. Each member can only complete this task once.
As soon as the first player starts the relay task, the countdown begins ⏳. You can tell who's currently working on the task by the profile picture that is shown on it. Once the neighborhood member has completed the task, it becomes available again. Remember that the countdown is the same for everyone who wants to complete the task, so complete it as quickly as you can to make sure more members of your neighborhood get a chance to complete it. The relay task disappears from the board once the time runs out.

Relay tasks are available to all neighborhoods regardless of their number of participants. The initial reward is 145 points, but it increases as the relay task gets completed:

  1. The first player gets 145 race points.
  2. The second gets 150 points.
  3. The third, 155 points.
  4. The fourth and subsequent members who complete the task get 160 points.
Enjoy the race! 🐎