Sadly, same as in most cases with digital goods, items purchased within the game cannot be returned or exchanged. However, in some special situations, we may make an exception. To do so, you will need to get in touch with the company (Apple, Google, Samsung, Windows, or Facebook), or the social network that was used to make the purchase.Usually, they have a special service that can help you reverse the transaction.

For Apple devices (iOS): Go to tech support, and select Contact iTunes Store Support. Then select Purchases, invoices and refunds, and find a situation that most closely matches yours.

For Google devices (Android): Attention: if you are using a Samsung device to play and have downloaded the game from the Samsung Galaxy Apps, see below. Go to tech support, and select Contact us. Shortly after that, Google tech support staff will contact you via your preferred method of communication.

For Samsung devices:
  • Navigate to Galaxy Apps.
  • Open the menu (drop down menu to the right of the search field).
  • Press Contact us.
  • On the page that appears press Ask a question, describe the problem and press Send.
For Windows Phone devices (Windows Mobile):
1. Navigate to the Microsoft support page, and select Payment and Billing.
2. A small window will appear titled Contact Answer Desk. Select Windows Phone. On the next page select Applications + Store from the drop down menu, and then press on the Contact Information button at the bottom.
3. Before you can start chatting with a support agent, you will need to enter your information, your email address and a description of your problem.

Go to Facebook support. Select Process a refund, and Purchase was made by someone under 18 years old. In the rest of the fields, indicate the date when the payment was made and provide a description of what has happened. Press Send.