Each Megapolis has a government body that controls it. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

If you play the game in a browser window:
You can purchase the City Hall and the Tax Office either in the administrative building at the main location of the city or on the Service tab under Infrastructure. These buildings will allow you to automate the process of gathering taxes and registering new citizens. With the help of the Tax Office, you will also be able to adjust the percent of taxes you collect from infrastructural buildings.

Other sections of your Megapolis will also have buildings similar to the City Hall and the Tax Office, but they will have different names.

If you play the game on a mobile device:
The mobile version of the game does not have an Administrations menu.
Both the City Hall and the Tax Office can, however, be accessed from the settings menu of the game. There you will be able to purchase both the Tax Office and the City Hall buildings. These same buildings are also available for purchase in the “Infrastructure” section of the in-game Store.

Keep in mind that each area of your city will need its own City Hall and Tax Office to manage taxes and the influx of people.

Have fun playing the game!