The City Hall is there to automate the process of gathering taxes and registering new residents. The City Hall is also where you can hire one of your friends or a virtual assistant as a free tax agent or city administrations worker.

The tax agent will automatically gather taxes from all infrastructural buildings for you, while the administrative worker will diligently register new people moving into your city. You do need to have the game turned on for it to work, though. Each time you hire someone to do one of the above jobs, their efforts are compensated from the Wage Fund.

Wage points can be replenished for Megabucks, received as rewards for completing tasks, won on the Stock Exchange, or received as bonuses for logging into the game on a daily basis.

The Tax Office allows you to increase or decrease the percentage of taxes gathered from your residents. Keep in mind that this decision will have a direct effect on your city’s population cap. You will find all the relevant information in the Tax Office.
Take charge of what is going on in your city, and enjoy seeing it grow!

Have fun playing the game!