There is always something new and exciting happening in Megapolis! All events and news can be divided into several categories:

1. Special in-game events:
You never know who will need the Mayor’s help today. The Mayor is always there to help; whether we are talking about stopping a volcano, building a great dam, launching a cosmic lift, conducting archaeological research, exploring tropical islands, solving the secrets of the pharaohs, finding the lost city of Atlantis, or making the desert bloom. Come to Megapolis to take part in the events, build unique buildings, complete tasks in a timely manner, and receive worthy gifts: achievements and unique buildings that you won’t be able to purchase from the Store!

2. Contests:
Taking part in contests will allow you to fully experience the spirit of competition within the game, as well as earn some useful gifts. Take part in railroad marathons, arms races, research contests, space races, treasure hunts and compete with other players to get titles, Building Coupons, Megabucks, and other unique gifts, such as military monuments, rare arches with trains, and beautiful new buildings!

3. Profitable opportunities:
Megapolis loves surprising you with profitable opportunities and unexpected bonuses. Do not miss out on the limited time offers during which you can purchase Megabucks at a discount, and get beautiful buildings as gifts! You can also spin the Bonus wheel, play the lottery, look for precious stones, and receive bonuses for purchasing Megabucks!

4. Themed events:
Every now and then you will encounter themed events during which you will be able to construct unique buildings matching the subject matter of the theme and get prizes. Play the Wheel of Fortune, find Lucky Chests, follow the Path of Prizes, and decorate your city with both ancient and modern architectural structures. Exclusive buildings and rare achievements await you!

5. Sales:
Do not miss out on the sales of materials needed to complete large construction projects, territory expansions, and buildings. Sales are a rare chance to get these items at a great discount!

6. Holidays:
We celebrate the holidays by giving away free materials, coins, and Megabucks. Every year on Black Friday, we offer incredible deals on materials.

Take part in the promotional actions and events in Megapolis and earn prizes, rewards, and achievements. Follow the announcements in Megapolis, and make your city the most modern and prosperous around!

Have fun playing the game!