Any player that has reached level 15 or above and does not currently belong to a state can create a new state. To do so, open the State Hall and press the “Create a state” button. You can also use the chat function on the right side of the screen. Open the chat window and press “Create”.

You will be asked to provide the following details for your state: name, description, coat of arms, type of state and minimum level required to join.

There are 3 types of states: Open, Closed and By Request.
- Open states are open to any player for joining. You will not need to submit an application or wait for an invite.
- Closed states can be joined only at the invitation of a Governor or Deputy Governor.
- By Request states are also open to all players, but they require submitting an application and waiting for it to be approved. Only the Governor or the Deputy Governor can approve or reject applications to join.

You can include a minimum level requirement for joining your state. Players that have not yet reached this level will not be able to join an Open state or submit an application to join a By Request state. Governors have the ability to invite even players that have not yet reached the level requirement.

Please note that the name that you give your state when you create it cannot be changed later. All other parameters can be adjusted later on.

Only neighbors that are not yet part of a state can be invited.