There is always something exciting happening in Megapolis! If you wish to restart a quest, just find it's building site on the map.

Quest nameBuilding site location
A Journey to the Middle Ages
A New Life for a Ship
Air-Grade Hotel
Amusement Park
An Air Show and an Air Race
An Icy Prison
An Incredible Hotel
Ancient Martial Arts in Megapolis!
Apocalypse Park
Architectural Project Contest
Architectural Renovation
Artificial Gravity
Artificial Mountain
Blue Flame
Christmas Market
City in the Trees
City of a Thousand Lights
City of Aladdin
City of Floating Pyramids
City of Glass Pipes
Coastal Hotel
Colonization of Mars
Conquering the Desert
Conquering the Elements
Cradle of Civilization
Crystal Power
Cyber Security
Desert Oasis
Dragon Games
Eastern Autumn (Eastern Fall)
El Dorado
Electronic Music Festival
Entertainment Oasis
Environmental Breakthrough

eSports Olympics

Fake Hills Residential Complex
Fiery Crater
Fiery Shores
Five-Star Shelf
Floating Palaces
Floating River
Flying Hotel
Fortress Village
French Cuisine Festival
Geyser Valley
Ghost Island
Ghost Town
Giant Robot
Gold Rush
Golden Roulette
Grand Canyon
Graphene Revolution
Green Energy
Griffin Lands
Habitable Dunes
Hairpin Turn Cycle Race
Halloween in Megapolis
Heavenly Quarter
High-Altitude Hotel
Highland Abode
Horizontal Skyscraper
Ice Hotel
In Search of the Megapolodon
In Seventh Heaven
In the World of Animals
Industrial Chic
Industrial Park Rave
Island Cruise
Island of Advanced Technology
IT Hub
Lake Monster
Las Megas Grand Prix
Laser Beacon
Life in the Clouds
Lights, Camera, Action!
Living Light
Living Skyscrapers
Lost Colossus
Lost Treasure
Lovers' Day
Marine Gradient
Medieval Manhattan
Medieval Tournament
Megapolis Auto Show
Megapolis Cup Regatta
Megapolis Gold Reserve
Megapolis-Dakar Rally
MegaTalent Show
Message into Space
Motion is Life
Mountain Observatory
Mountain Town
Mountain Village Project
Mysterious City
Mysterious Crater
Neon Fields
New Ark
New Asgard
New Atlantis
New Current
New Life for Old Things
Niagara Falls
Northern Lights
Northern Wonder
On the Right Course
Operation "New Year"
Ozone Shield
Pamukkale Terraces
Pearl of the Savanna
Pharaoh's Curse
Pirates in Megapolis!
Planetary Parade
Polo Championship
Poseidon's Kingdom
Restoring Pompeii
Robotization of Industry
Rock Climbing Championship
Romantic Weekend
Royal Heritage
Salt Canyon
Sea Fault
Sea Fort
Secret Garden
Shipwreck Island
Sky Knights
Skyscraper Ship
Smart Farm
Snow Oasis
Soaring Cliffs
Speak like Shakespeare
Sport Eden
Star of the Seas
Storm Season
Taming the Volcano
Technological Evolution
Terracotta Wonder
Tesla's Magic   
The Great Wall
The Lost Bay
The Queen's Visit   
The Verge
The Winter Games in Megapolis
Thermonuclear Fusion
Two Elements Collide
Venetian Carnival
Venice of the East
Vertical Farm
Viking Heritage
War Games
Water Town
Waterfall Skyscraper
Whirlpool of Events
Wind Festival
Winter Fun
Winter Park
Wonders of Technology
World Games
Yacht Club
Zen Hotel